Zoom Blog Series: Identifying Red Flags in Just Four Clicks: System Performance

On any given day security threats, compliance violations, human productivity opportunities, transaction slowdowns and system challenges may impact your organization’s I.T. ecosystem. What if the key to anticipating -- and preventing most, if not all, of these issues -- was as simple as four clicks, or fewer, utilizing metadata from your enterprise resource (ERP) planning system?

Recognizing the need for a smart and efficient approach, many companies now offer analytics in an effort to help infuse data into the mix. However, data is only actionable once it becomes information. Velocity Zoom is different from other analytics solutions. Built on the innovative Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP), Velocity Zoom goes deep into your ERP, providing the insight and control into the state of your system enabling you to make the data-backed real-time decisions your organization counts on. Velocity Zoom’s user-friendly heat maps, tables and role-specific modules delivers real-time, on-demand insights.

Depending on their needs, each member of your team, whether it’s a C-Suite user or a brand new hire, has access to role-specific modules, real-time application metadata, transactional analysis and user-friendly heat maps that deliver contextual data  to quickly analyze any situation, its root cause and a suggested path toward resolution--in four clicks or less.


Data-Backed Recommendations Using Real-Time Data

In this three-part blog series, see how in four clicks or less, you can unearth opportunities to improve performance, identify security or compliance issues, optimize end user experience and reduce resolution response time.



A. Batch scheduling impacting performance Challenge: scheduling batch jobs at a time when they don’t impact system performance.

However, for global organizations across multiple time zones or during peak periods throughout the year, this may pose a challenge. Click the Batch Heat Map in the
System Analysis Module, then by toggling between [Count] and [Time], identify possible contention points. Another click provides tabular data to better understand the situation.

Total clicks: 4

Recommendation: Use deliberate scheduling and planning to ensure that batch processing is completed when needed without impacting online users.

Outcome: Improved system performance and end user experience



B. Excessive activity from a user Challenge: Users report slow system performance.

Velocity Zoom Transaction Heat Map within the
System Analysis Module reveals a pattern of high-transaction activity during the same time frame. To explore the history and detect any patterns, click back a prior month and discover high-transaction volume pattern for that time on several days. Toggle to [Time] display and notice that the user reported system slowdown corresponds with a particular user’s activity.  Another click to User Analysis Module and the complete nature of that user’s activity is available.

Total clicks: 3

Recommendation: This routine work should be performed as a batch job, or performed at a different time or in smaller blocks to reduce impact on other users.

Outcome: Improved system performance and end user experience



Learn how Magellan Health became 30% more efficient and reduced errors by 20% with diagnostic analytics powered by Velocity Zoom.


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