Zoom Blog Series: Identifying Red Flags in Just Four Clicks: Security & Compliance

We trust our employees with our company data, with our future plans and with customer data. After all, our people are our most valued asset. However, a 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon Enterprise Solutions found insider and privilege misuse, employee error and physical theft or loss to be the top reasons for security incidents. A significant finding pointed to 63 percent of attacks involving weak, default or stolen passwords.

To ensure compliance and security policies are adhered to, understanding the monitoring and reporting capabilities on the human use side of your ERP may shed light on patterns, bottlenecks, opportunities and incidents where human error accidental or malicious could pose serious impact on your organization.

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A. Concern about unauthorized access   What if you notice multiple sessions running at the same time? From the Security & Compliance Module, you can check Concurrent Sessions and IP addresses with a single click. Another click brings you to the specific details about user, session, ip address, and transactions. Using the Geolocation page, quickly identify whether you have transactions originating from disparate geographies, which would indicate a password compromise or sharing. The geolocation data can also reassure that the overlapping sessions are reasonable.

Total clicks: 3



Recommendation: Establish a routine review of this information at regular intervals.

Outcome: Confidence in system security and ability to catch any issues quickly.



B. Security Concerns around login access Risk assessment is a constant responsibility that requires the best of tools. Click on the Security & Compliance Module, then Login Heat Map to determine if access is occurring at unexpected times. If an unexpected user access is found, click to Security & Compliance User Geolocation to determine from where the access originated. Drilling into the table with a click and you can view all transactions from that access point can be identified along with associated users and session information.

Total clicks: 4



Recommendation: Ensure relevant corporate policies are communicated. Review password policies and change system or common passwords as appropriate.

Outcome: Reduced risk, greater peace of mind, reduced auditing costs.



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