Zoom Blog Series: Identifying Red Flags in Just Four Clicks: Human Productivity

Your people are your best asset. It is in your best interest to help them operate at peak performance levels. Real-time user interaction metadata offers instantaneous feedback on transaction and productivity performance, helping to cultivate high performing company cultures.

In the second of our Four Clicks blog series, we examine two Human Productivity use cases. We identify opportunities to assess potential work-life balance issues, improve end user experience, and identify training opportunities in a few swift clicks using Velocity Zoom performance management insight.

As a reminder, Velocity Zoom is built on the innovative Velocity Cloud Application Management PlatformTM (VCAMP), and goes deep into your ERP, providing the insight and control into the state of your system enabling you to make the data-backed real-time decisions your organization counts on.

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A. Employee working odd hours   The Transaction Heatmap in the System Analysis module shows the volume of all transactions occurring in the ERP on any given date and time. One heat map cell shows 42 transactions on a given day at a strange hour. With one click, drill-down to identify the individual user. Applying this user filter to the heatmap, we find they are working at odd hours and on weekends frequently. A second click shows a longer-term picture overall, when considering behavior over prior months, the pattern appears normal.

Total clicks: 2


Recommendation: Inquire if the employees needs any further support, review resource allocation and staffing for this position or team.

Outcome: Improved employee work/life balance and/or team resourcing.



B. Employee spending too much time on Accounts Payable transactions The Transaction Radar on the System Overview page shows the volume, success rate and time for each department to perform transactions. The chart shows a specific department spends a great deal of time on Accounts Payable transactions with a very low success rate.  

One click on the Human Productivity (HCM Module): Error Analysis and you have your answer: the vast majority of errors are #103, ‘payments out of balance’. A second click reveals which user is generating the error.

Total clicks: 2


Recommendation: The user needs additional software and/or job training.

Outcome: Greater efficiency throughout the department.



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Capturing complex data from various sources including dynamic transactions from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and additional applications, Velocity Zoom's role-specific dashboards and visual analytics reveal emerging patterns, bottlenecks, human productivity insight and transactional analysis in real-time.


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