Velocity Visions: What Has Your Cloud Done for You Lately?

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If you paid attention to the coverage out of AWS re:Invent, you likely heard about Snowmobile, the company’s new 100PB data delivery method that can migrate a data center’s worth of secure records.

What may have been lost in the glamour of the shiny new ‘toy’ are some of the latest accomplishments from the fastest-growing cloud company and what they mean to you:

  • The right Cloud partner can make you feel like you have Super Powers. Collaborating with a trusted Cloud provider allows you to align your business goals with the pace of innovation, realizing new capabilities at a scale unseen previously. You focus on your core business while your Cloud partner targets robust technology infrastructure and processes to make you more efficient, more nimble, more secure and more compliant.  

  • The Cloud Evolution is advancing quickly. Now is the time to take control over your destiny in the Cloud with a partner who leverages the latest skills, best applications expertise, and a software defined, analytics-driven, platform.

  • All in. The advantages of Cloud are both proven and compelling. For executives and leading companies, it is no longer a question of “do we move to the Cloud,” but rather, “how do we implement a Cloud move,” and “who is going to take us there?”

The insatiable demand for Cloud as more businesses want to offload computing and storage tasks to third parties rather than build more data centers has given way to credible partners in the marketplace, says Fortune.

With VCAMP, Velocity’s Cloud Applications Management Platform, we are transforming the way companies interact with their apps in the Cloud. Built on apps expertise and powered by an analytics platform, we leverage AWS’ infrastructure value prop to maximize Velocity innovation.  We optimize our hybrid Cloud approach to accelerate value, leveraging the Cloud for greater productivity and better customer outcomes.

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