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What Continuous Innovation Means for Oracle E-Business Suite Users

Before the Continuous Innovation, a lot of EBS 12.1 customers were questioning whether or not it made sense to upgrade to 12.2. Their reasoning? Previously, there was only a two year gap between the 12.1 and 12.2 release. That short time frame made a lot of customers wonder if it was even worth upgrading to 12.2, believing the next major release (12.3) would land shortly after.

“The issue for the customer on 12.1 is that they didn’t want to do two of these upgrades—one to 12.2 and then turn around and do another 12.3. And so, with Oracle’s Continuous Innovation, customers don’t need to wait anymore,” said Cliff Godwin, Oracle Senior VP of Applications Development

Now, with ongoing support that’s guaranteed for at least another seven years, businesses are making the move to EBS 12.2, knowing it’s the last time they’ll have to undergo a major “dot” upgrade. 

“With this strategy, we really don’t have to do a 12.3 release to deliver the later middleware. Instead, the 12.2 release will go on indefinitely, being updated with new application capabilities, and the technology can advance underneath that in whatever way makes sense for the customer,” Godwin added. 

Say farewell to the traditional E-Business Suite upgrade cycle.

Traditionally, Oracle EBS released new versions in the form of major release upgrades, which combine a new technology stack with a new applications code level. But upgrading an Oracle EBS deployment was no easy task for most businesses. It involved a lot of planning and forethought—not to mention a ton of technical skill. 

Now, with the Continuous Innovation delivery model for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, businesses can reap the benefits of ongoing applications and underlying technology stack enhancements—without the time and expense of a major release upgrade. 

On the heels of this release, Oracle also announced they’re extending Premier Support for Oracle EBS 12.2 through at least 2030. This means Oracle EBS customers already running on 12.2 can continue to access new applications functionality and separately uptake later versions of underlying technology for years to come.

What changes can you expect with the Continuous Innovation model? 

According to Oracle, businesses using Oracle EBS 12.2 can expect a couple things from the Continuous Innovation model: 

  • Ongoing Applications Updates: Ongoing updates to Oracle EBS 12.2 applications code, analogous to the 12.2x updates, have been made available annually. Updates will be cumulative and will combine bug fixes and new features into a consolidated, suite-wide patch set that can be easily applied with online patching. 
  • Ongoing Technology Stack Updates: Ongoing updates will allow for the needed refresh of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies underlying Oracle EBS. These will allow customers to obtain new versions of the technology stack without upgrading Oracle EBS applications code. 

How do you get to Continuous Innovation? 

Short answer: You can choose to upgrade or re-implement to E-Business Suite 12.2, depending on where you're coming from.  

Here is a look at the 3 direct paths. 


1. EBS 11i to 12.2

There is a direct upgrade path from EBS to EBS 12.2.  EBS customers do not have to install an intermediary EBS 12 release (such as 12.1.3) before upgrading to EBS 12.2. 

EBS customers must have applied the minimum baseline patch requirements for Extended Support as described in Patch Requirements for Extended Support of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 (Document 883202.1).

Customers on earlier EBS 11i releases (such as 11.5.7) need to be at the level plus the minimum baseline patch requirements for Extended Support before they can upgrade to EBS 12.2.

2. EBS 12.0 to 12.2

There is a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.0.4 and 12.0.6 to EBS 12.2.  EBS 12.0.4 or 12.0.6 customers do not have to install an intermediary EBS 12 release (such as 12.1.3) before upgrading to EBS 12.2. 

Customers on earlier EBS 12.0 releases (such as 12.0.3) will need to be at the 12.0.4 or 12.0.6 level before they can upgrade to EBS 12.2.

3. EBS 12.1 to 12.2

There is a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.1.1, 12.1.2, and 12.1.3 to EBS 12.2.

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