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Velocity Voices: Our CEO Shares His Proudest Moments Of Leading Velocity—And Why He’s Excited For What’s Ahead

Cloud adoption has reached a tipping point.

According to Gartner, businesses are projected to head to the cloud in a big way over the next two years, with 2022 cloud spending reaching levels analysts hadn’t previously expected to hit until 2023 or 2024.  

These rising cloud adoption rates make strategic and business sense. Driven by economic and competitive market forces, businesses increasingly cite cost reduction, cost avoidance, speed, flexibility, and increased infrastructure resilience as top drivers for cloud adoption. 

The biggest catalyst, however, is the growing urgency to modernize enterprises in an ongoing race to adapt alongside an increasingly digital world. This digitization brings with it unparalleled access to richer functionality and smarter applications.

Today, Velocity is proud to guide businesses in their digitization journeys, giving them the technology, support, and tools they need to fully maximize their core enterprise applications and realize the true benefits of a modern IT solution. We do this by building upon our 20+ years of experience managing complex enterprise applications and coupling it with our leading-edge technology and operational excellence in migrating, managing, and modernizing these applications in the public cloud. 

In our ongoing mission to give businesses the freedom to innovate, modernize, and move to the future, Velocity is excited to usher in its newest chapter with the introduction of three new cloud services products.

We sat down with the CEO of Velocity Technology Solutions, Steve Kloeblen, to learn more about what fuels Velocityand why he’s so excited about the future of our customers and our company. 

You are the CEO of a global organization that has seen steady growth year over year. As you look back to 2019 when you took on the role of CEO, what makes you most proud to lead Velocity?  

At Velocity, our role as a strategic partner is rooted in a passion for our customers’ success. I see that commitment come to life every single day when I look at our incredibly loyal customer base. Our average customer has been with Velocity for over five years, and we continue to add dozens of new customers every year. 

Our passion for our customers' success is the driving force for our team and everything we do, which means we constantly strive to be our best so our customers can be their best. We share a culture that values high quality, continuous learning, and innovation. Our employees embrace our diversity of thought and experience every day. Collectively, our 750 employees have taken over 15,000 courses since the start of the year and our team has more than 400 cloud platform certifications. We currently have more than 30 active innovation circles focused on new products and better customer experiences.

All of these things make me proud to lead Velocity.

Velocity just announced the release of three new Cloud Services products to its portfolio. What do you want your customers to know about these new products? Velocity Vitals (1)

We continue to introduce the broadest array of managed applications and cloud services product capabilities in the industry. Today, over 40% of our customers are benefiting from our support of their systems on a public cloud platform. This continuous innovation is what fuels our growth—and our customer’s.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the addition of a new suite of cloud products: Cloud Managed Infrastructure (CMI), Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR), and Cloud Managed Database (CMD). By coupling these with our Cloud Managed Application Services, our customers will benefit from cost reductions, increased security, resilience, and scale that go far beyond what any single company can achieve by themselves.

How will our customers benefit from Velocity's investment in innovation and new product releases for Cloud Services?

We have introduced at least one new cloud services product in each of the last four quarters and expanded our sales by 30% within cloud services. This is is a testament to our company-wide mission: enabling mid-market companies to do what they do best by maximizing the value of their applications and cloud platforms. Today, as we launch CMI, CMD, and CDR, we’re proud to usher in new opportunities for our customers to innovate, modernize, and move to the future at an accelerated pace. 

Our customers will benefit from these new products in several ways. First, migrating their applications to the public cloud enables them to access a modern array of technologies, data sources, and analytics that will enable the digitization of their enterprise and extended value chain. 

Secondly, customers will also benefit from cost reductions, increased security, resilience, and scale that go far beyond what any single company can achieve by themselves. 

Velocity is regarded as a trusted advisor to its customers and has been making great strides as a Cloud Managed Application Services Provider. Any special message you want to share with your customers?

Over the last three years, we have successfully transformed Velocity to be the leading Cloud Managed Application Services Provider supporting mid-market enterprises. This is an achievement we are extremely proud of, and we want our customers to share in this pride.

It is our purpose to give our customers the technology, support, and power they need to be their very best, and we are committed to that through our growth mindset culture and passion for innovation. I am proud to lead this organization. Every team member is focused on your growth and success, and we’re always innovating on our customers' behalf. This is just the beginning of many more exciting announcements at Velocity.

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