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Velocity Voices: How Velocity is Empowering Businesses to Accelerate Their Digitization Journeys

Built on a foundation of managing and migrating leading ERP applications, Velocity has been guiding businesses through their digital transformations for nearly 20 years. Today, we have more than 400 customers managing large enterprise applications in the cloud.

It is through this deep experience and customer insight that Velocity realized an unmet need: Businesses were looking to take advantage of the cloud’s rich features and functionality, but many didn’t have the budget, expertise, or internal resources to properly implement the technology they needed. That’s why we launched Cloud Managed Infrastructure, Cloud Managed Database, and Cloud Disaster Recovery to help remove those barriers and accelerate their adoption of cloud technology. And the best part? We're just getting started.

We interviewed Fouad Matar, Velocity’s Chief Technology Officer, to learn more about our ongoing innovation in the cloud services world, what it means for our customers, and the new offerings that are on the horizon.

Velocity has been a leading provider of managed services for nearly two decades. How has the experience shaped our cloud services offerings today?

There are two things to highlight here. First, it’s important to understand our depth of expertise in enterprise applications. We’ve cultivated this skill for years, and along the way we developed a deep passion for enterprise applications. More importantly, however, we developed strong partnerships with our customers as we helped them achieve their business goals.  

Secondly, Velocity has embraced a cloud strategy for years now, and we’re starting to see the fruits of that labor in the form of expertise, skills, and best practices. We’ve been fortunate to migrate hundreds of customers to the cloud over the years—we’ve helped them along their digitization journeys and empowered them to evolve their business in the cloud. Through this, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, and we’ve had the opportunity to tailor and enhance our cloud services with these real-world lessons in mind. 

Today, we’re starting to marry those two worlds together. We’ve realized the true value of what we offer comes from helping our customer fill the gaps and voids that they’ll likely experience as they go through their digitization journey.

How will our new offerings help customers accelerate their digitization journey? 

Most of our customers have embraced a digital strategy—it defines the business outcomes and goals they want to achieve. The cloud is most certainly a part of that digitization journey, as is their enterprise application landscape. And those journeys typically involve modernization and migration, which can include everything from their applications to taking deeper advantage of data analytics to move their business forward. 

But when you think of those elements of a digital strategy, they often require a specific skillset, proven methods, and best practices.  

So what we’ve done is, we’ve taken years of experience, converted them into best practices, developed the right tooling and automation, and honed the right set of skills—all to help customers leap frog their digitization journey. Our customers do this by taking advantage of our experience, tools, methods, and best practices—and all of those things ultimately help them get to an end game faster, and we do it together as a partnership. 

How does this ongoing innovation position and distinguish Velocity in the cloud services market?

For Velocity, our distinction starts with the platform underpinning our offerings: the Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP). It’s a methodology and tool that has built automation, best practices, and speed-to-market around our offerings and how we deliver them—from migration of workloads to the cloud, configuring landing zones, and patch management, all the way up to the application stack. 

VCAMP is our differentiator, and what’s special about it  is this: Unlike third party products that drive automation either in the infrastructure or application layer, VCAMP does both. This helps drive efficiency from top to bottom across our customer’s infrastructure and application stack during their digitization journeys.

How would you describe our new cloud services offerings and what they help customers achieve?

For Cloud Managed Infrastructure, we’ve developed tools, methods, and processes to help accelerate—and remove the burden of—migrating and managing workloads in the cloud. Our cloud managed infrastructure offering is a vehicle a lot of customers use to offset having to build the skills needed to execute this kind of project internally, freeing up their time to instead focus on developing their core skills.

For Cloud Managed Database, we’ve created a unique offering that allows us to migrate a customer’s database to the cloud. The journey starts with understanding the database architecture, and once it’s in the cloud, we provide ongoing database management to remove the complexities of doing it on their own. This can be done across multiple clouds providers, like AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  

Lastly, Cloud Disaster Recovery helps us further diversify what cloud services we can provide our customers. Our Cloud Disaster Recovery offering helps customers establish a disaster recovery footprint across different sources, whether it’s a legacy data center, a private cloud, or public cloud environment, to a target environment on their cloud platform of choice. During this process, we work alongside our customers to understand their source environment and replicate the infrastructure, database, and ERP data to a secondary location. Our goal here is to build a rich disaster recovery solution that helps businesses recover their data and systems in a matter of hours—with lower costs and higher reliability than traditional disaster recovery strategies.

What’s on the horizon for Velocity for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

Over the past year, we spent a lot of time talking to customers and understanding their needs as they explore their journey to the cloud. What transformative services do they need? What skills can we provide? What services can we offer on that journey?

By asking these questions, two things emerged. Data analytics is the first. Our customers embraced data warehouses for years, and others have dipped toes in advanced data analytics. At Velocity, data is something we know and love, and we’ve explored data analytics services for years. Now, we’ve turned that passion into data analytics-oriented services, starting with Cloud Data Analytics. For customers looking to accelerate their data modernization journey, our Cloud Data Analytics offering minimizes the complexities of implementing a data lake. This will help businesses access the rich data they need faster than on their own. 

Secondly, when you think about modernization these days, you also naturally come to containers. Containers have become the evolution of applications and a cloud-first mentality. Today, it’s  unavoidable to explore what containers can do for your businesses. Through the launch of our Managed Containers Services, we’re excited to work with our customers to help them modernize their way to a more container-rich architecture. We developed our container service to help our customers avoid having to build the skills. We then manage the containers, so they can focus on business-critical priorities, like application development and accelerating value.

This is truly an exciting time for Velocity, and it's even more exciting to say that this is just the beginning.

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