Velocity Visions: The Business Case for CIOs to Harness the Hybrid Cloud


In preparation for our monthly All Hands call at Velocity, I was synthesizing a number of recent readings and meetings with C-Level executives at customers and prospects in the last week.  The homogeneity of the thoughts was compelling.  

When the Society of Information Management (SIM) released its 2016 CIO survey, the findings were not surprising. The top two priorities – the ‘Alignment of IT and Business’ and ‘Security’ – have been top of mind for the past 5 for years. These are given, I believe, in this age of accelerated (but secure!) value growth requirements for every business. Priorities three and four – ‘Speed of IT Delivery and Speed to Market’ and ‘Innovation’ – are more nuanced and are where I want to focus this discussion.

Hybrid Cloud Leads the Way to Innovation

Commenting on the SIM article, Steve Andriole, a Forbes Contributor, wrote, “Cloud delivery of infrastructure (IaaS) and applications (SaaS) – as well as support for the development of new applications (PaaS) – has dramatically shortened development and deployment lifecycles and reduced costs.”

We have seen that ‘Speed’ and ‘(Time/Money for) Innovation’ are two hallmark Cloud attributes. Cloud environments allow for an agile, speedy deployment; at Velocity we embody this tenet by automating environment and application provisioning – delivering fully managed instances in hours, not weeks or months as was historically the case.

Further, by leveraging hybrid and public cloud environments, we help CIOs reduce their total cost of ownership by 20%-40%, freeing them to allocate more of their budget toward innovative, business outcome-focused efforts.

Two customer meetings I had last week fully reinforced these points. In the first, the CFO of a multi-billion dollar manufacturing and distribution company told me, somewhat exasperated, “I need my system analysts working on acquisitions!” His pain: turning his IT focused systems analysts into business focused business analysts.

In the second customer meeting, a live demonstration of our analytics-driven Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP) turned a skeptical CIO turned into an avid supporter. When properly harnessed and managed, the cloud will indeed provide ‘speed’ and give time and money for ‘innovation.’ Without hesitation, the CIO asked us to pull up a live demonstration. Seeing VCAMP’s capability to provision and manage applications across multiple hybrid cloud locations, he said, “Wow, we can finally take advantage of the hybrid cloud!”

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