Velocity Completes an Oracle Fusion Go-Live Using HCM Data Loader for Nearly 18,000 Employees

On March 6, one of Velocity’s clients successfully went live with Oracle’s HCM Cloud Core HR. The design, configuration, testing and deployment of the system was completed over several months for a population of nearly 18,000 active and terminated employees across multiple international locations and included both current and historical data for them all. It was an enormous and complex data conversion effort that offered many challenges, but ultimately our team was able to resolve all issues and complete the entire production conversion effort ahead of schedule.

This is the second time I have personally led a large data conversion effort using Fusion’s new HCM Data Loader (HDL) tool. You can click here to read about my initial effort that was completed in only eight weeks – the second fastest Fusion implementation ever at the time (and possibly still). In that post, I stated that HDL offers a significant improvement over File-Based Loader and that I looked forward to using it in future conversion efforts. Well, this second conversion was far more complex than the first, introducing unique challenges, yet our team was able to successfully wield HDL to efficiently load millions of data items without any show-stopping issues. While we did encounter some minor bugs in HDL, none prevented us from executing our data conversion effort fully according to plan. I remain an enthusiastic user of HDL and continue to look forward to using it in helping more organizations move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Services.

To learn more about HDL, click here for Oracle’s user guide.