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Top 5 Tips for Upgrading to Infor OS Platform

Now that you’re familiar with Infor OS’ new terminology (refresh your knowledge here by checking out our Infor OS Platform: A Primer, blog post), you may want some recommendations on best practices of moving to the Infor OS platform. Keep in mind that all deployments of the next software version — whether on premise or in a cloud — are branded as CloudSuite. 

Here are our top 5 tips for migrating to the Infor OS platform.

  1. Request a Skip Upgrade. If you are still on Infor version 9.0.1 rather than version 10, talk with your Infor representative about the potential to do a skip upgrade to Infor CSF. Taking a bigger jump now may require your organization to accept some risk but overall you may reduce your total cost of ownership by eliminating one costly upgrade. Note: is the minimum release of LSF and the applications must be at least at to be eligible for a skip to Infor CloudSuite Financials.   
  2. Move to Global HR Now. If you utilize the core HR system from Infor, investigate moving to Infor Talent Management now. The modern features in Global HR will propel your organization forward and will free your team from time-consuming transactional tasks. Global HR will allow your employees to be more connected, proactive, and effective—for maximum productivity. If you are looking to modernize your HR operations, now is the a great time to invest in Global HR within the Infor Talent Management suite.  By being on Global HR, you not only get the benefits of its features, but you can also use the next generation of products for talent management and talent acquisition while also being on a Java based Landmark system.  
  3. Cross-train your team on Java. If today you have COBOL developers on staff, start thinking about cross training them into Java. COBOL has a terrific legacy but in the Infor Lawson space, the sun is setting on the lifespan of COBOL programs.
  4. Shift your mindset. Start thinking about adopting Infor CSF as a net new implementation. Very little of adopting Infor CSF will feel like an upgrade. A well run project will start with an assessment to drive key decisions about the General Ledger (GL) design. Depending on how decisions are made in your organization, a re-design of the GL could require several months of thoughtful design. After a rationalization exercise, Customizations will need to be re-developed within Configuration Console or Java. Now is a good time to begin planning for how your organization will address these key challenges.
  5. Invest in your foundation. Look at opportunities to stabilize your foundation. Check out this on-demand webinar for getting the most out of your Infor10 system. Look at our options for quick turn projects that deliver a lot of value. Investigate how products like Velocity Zoom could streamline your assessment of business processes that are ripe for optimization. Now is a terrific time to invest in your foundation such that you have stable ground from which to make this next leap.

This is the right time to stay engaged, or re-introduce yourself, to your regional Infor User Group. Connect with that group through Work Out Loud at this link. By being an active community member, you will learn from those adopting the Infor OS platform first-hand, master best practices, and gain insights into the product roadmap.  

If you need some additional third party research to help make the business case for your continued Infor and human resources platform investment, consider these two options::

  1. This study ranks Infor as the overall ERP leader factoring in total cost, implementation time  and return on investment. 
  2. We all know how tough the competition is to attract, onboard, assess, train and retain talent. A digital system allowing Human Resources professionals to invest in digital transformation, keep up with the gig economy and manage their own development is key to a thriving organization, says Accenture in this recent brief.  

Want to learn more about CloudSuite, or how to optimize where you are today? Our Infor experts are ready to assist with planning your next action with your Infor product set, as well as ancillary applications, no matter where they reside.

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