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The One Question Every Healthcare CIO Should Ask

Vickie LeRoux is the Senior Director of Healthcare and Infor Operations for Velocity Technology Solutions.
In the rapidly changing world of healthcare technology, Electronic Health Records Systems (EHR) are a means to control information and costs. EHR systems have become required for healthcare entities to evolve. 
This evolution has forced healthcare organizations to expand their requirements into areas of information systems that traditionally require specialized skills, hardware and software expertise. Regulatory demands, budgetary constraints and time itself make these needs difficult to meet. 
As a result, CIOs must make decisions about the technology they adopt while meeting the demand of lower costs and better outcomes for patients. These considerations should lead all healthcare technologists to ask:
“Am I a technology provider or more simply, a consumer of technology?”
It’s the single most important decision a hospital, or any healthcare organization can make.
The Consumer Approach 
Many CIOs of leading healthcare organizations have already made the move to the cloud. These CIOs recognize the value of lowering costs, improving patient outcomes and the impact of innovative technology. 
While there are many ways to adopt these technologies, selecting the right service model can also lower costs and provide scalability. Opting to use an EHR services partner to assist in the adoption and use of EHR technology allows these CIOs to focus on the use and benefits of the technology - making them technology consumers rather than technology providers.  
The Benefits of EHR Services
Choosing to partner with an EHR service provider can have the greatest total impact on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Companies specializing in EHR applications and services reduce the time to implement by placing skilled resources on the project. 
Epic Healthcare Systems, for example, has had many roadblocks to its adoption, yet its scalability and diversity are proving Epic to be an excellent choice for many healthcare organizations today. 
Services That Provide “Everything Healthcare Cloud”
The notion of moving a healthcare system to the cloud can be daunting when considering the myriad of systems, software and resources used on a daily basis. Selecting a partner that understands the tendency for most healthcare executives to be wary of making EHR decisions is essential. 
Velocity’s Healthcare Perspective
With over 100 healthcare customers in Velocity’s secure and compliant private cloud, our team has a unique perspective. Taking the role of technology provider off the hands of our customers, we are experienced in seamlessly moving healthcare systems to our private cloud. 
Velocity specializes in Epic, Cloverleaf and other Ancillary Systems. In the Velocity cloud, our customers spend less time worrying about their data center and spend more time delivering smarter, more efficient, care.

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