The Little-Known Kronos ToolKit You Should Be Using

Ryan Baugh is an Infor Professional Services Consultant - Kronos, with Velocity Technology Solutions.


The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit is a relatively unknown, but powerful, add-on for Kronos Workforce Central 8, which was released in June, 2015. The Tool Kit was originally created to allow employees to attest to their time but has evolved into a more compelling tool. It also allows employees to approve and fix missing punches as well as answer questions their company has uploaded into the module.

Kronos Attestation Tool Kit, also known as ATK, is described as a toolkit because it really contains two different tools which are both designed to be fully customizable. The first, My TimeStamp, replaces the default timestamp tool within Workforce Central. The second, Time Review, replaces the default timecard approval system.

My TimeStamp

My TimeStamp, or MTS, does much more than allow employees to punch in and out of the system like the default timestamp within Kronos Workforce Central 8. MTS allows companies to perform many types of  actions based on variables such as how long an employee has worked, whether their previous day’s punches have been approved, and many more customizable actions based on a company’s needs or requirements.

My TimeStamp is commonly used to allow companies to comply with various state requirements, such as the California Meal Premium Rules and similar rules outside of California. Based on variables that make sense for your company, MTS can ask employees a single, or chain of questions when they punch in or out. Typically we see questions like “Did you take your meal today?” or “Were you injured on the job today?”

MTS can be configured with any question. Based on what an employee answers, we can choose to ask a follow-up question or perform an action. Sample actions could be adding a comment to a punch, sending the manager a notification, or sending the employee to a time approval page. Below is a complete list of actions included in the latest release of the Kronos Attestation Tool Kit:

  • Button label
  • Punch override type
  • Transfers
  • Punch comments
  • Short break options, e.g. lunch lockout
  • Punch Attestations
  • Follow up questions
  • California meal penalty
  • Manager notifications
  • Receipt printing


Time Review

Time Review allows companies to specify a customized message to be shown when employees approve their time. This message typically looks something like this:

“I attest that all of my time is correct and that I was given the opportunity to take all of my meal breaks.”  

Depending on which device the employee is using to view the timecard, this message can show as a pop up message, or can show below the timecard punches.

Employees can see a variety of timeframes: Daily, current, previous, previous previous and custom pay periods, all are available display options.

Kronos has also added the option to allow an employee to fix missing punches within the Attestation Time Review page. Much like the rest of the Kronos Attestation Toolkit, this piece is also highly customizable.


Kronos’ Attestation does not limit companies to select one set of questions or one Time Review approval message. Groups can be created through the custom fields in each employee’s ‘people’ record. Multiple questions or approval messages can be shown depending on the group the employee belongs to.


Managers and employees have access to reports on demand as well as on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Daily attestation compliance report
  • Pay Period attestation compliance report
  • Comment compliance report
  • MyTimeStamp Audit Detail
  • MyTimeStamp Audit Summary
  • My Approvals Audit Detail
  • My Approval Audit Summary

Have any questions on the new innovations in Kronos Workforce Central 8? Check out our blog and do not hesitate to reach out to our Velocity experts.