Insights from the 2016 JD Edwards Partner Summit

Last week the Velocity team attended the JDE Partner Summit in Broomfield, Colorado.  Over 650 attendees and 162 partners took advantage of 4 keynote speeches, 9 super sessions and 100 breakouts. If you didn’t have the pleasure of attending, we’ve summarized the key themes of the conference for your consideration.


Vice President of JD Edwards Business Development John Schiff’s keynote focused on the strengths JD Edwards currently has to offer – specifically, a broad platform that can be used to build on and extend, the maturity of applications, and the stability reached in the JD Edwards product. However the overall focus of this event was not on where we are, but where we are headed next.


The word and acronym THRIVE was the most used term during the Partner Summit. Expanded upon in several keynotes, each letter stands for a key component of success for individuals and organizations who run or support JD Edwards. A Star Wars-themed introduction underscored the notion that an innovation awakening is imperative, and that together the entire JD Edwards ecosystem has much to accomplish so as to keep moving and thrive. Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of JD Edwards Product Development expanded upon this acronym theme during his keynote speech.

T – Transform your Business: JD Edwards has embraced ‘fit for purpose’ while promoting business transformation for years. Partners and customer should also embrace this notion, and social platforms combined with the use of emerging technologies can assist in the transfiguration.

H – Harness the Power of Alignment: Partners and customers should work together to harness the power of democratized alignment. In order to succeed, everyone in the JD Edwards ecosystem should consider how and where to aim for directional alignment that comprises a unifying vision.

R – Reach for new opportunities: The introduction of Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service for JD Edwards, planned to launch this spring, provides a rich opportunity for partners and customers to target the mobile-only user. Other areas of opportunity include embracing upgrades, citizen developer programs (more on this below) and the Internet of Things.

I – Industry Focus: Areas of focus should continue to include Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution, Industrial Service. There are 950 Industry SIC Codes tracked within Oracle and the JD Edwards Install Base represents about 70% of these codes.  Partners can assist by building customized solutions to support known industries while also identifying new industries into which JD Edwards can expand.

V – Value of Choice: Choice matters to our customers. They want a say in how and where they are going to deploy their solutions. In some capacity, customers want the freedom to run JD Edwards in various cloud and on-premise configurations while still being able to tailor JD Edwards to meet their unique business needs.

E – Engage in New Ideas: JD Edwards is delivering tools such as IoT Orchestrator Studio, Pages Composer and CafeOne for partners and customers to apply their new ideas in order to reinvent business.  There are billions of ideas for developers, and we should all tap into citizen skills instead of solely relying on JD Edwards to implement them. The universe of potential JD Edwards developers is vast if partners become citizen developers, as well as business analysts, end users and traditional IT developers.

The Takeaway

Why does all this matter? JD Edwards is a great product with an enviable market and position. Continued success is hard fought but the opportunities abound. Partners and customers should consider how to work together to create more industry specific JD Edwards capabilities that leverage emerging technologies, helping to make their end users and organizations successful while continuing to build and grow a strong sustainable business.

In other words, the only way to THRIVE is to innovate.

If you are considering moving your JD Edwards to the cloud or have already done so but hope to identify untapped potential, watch our 9.2 Reasons to Upgrade JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 webinar.  We’ll cover improvements to One View reporting, the latest industry-specific application releases, the new simplified upgrade process and much more.