Insights from the 2015 Global JD Edwards Partner Summit

Velocity’s JD Edwards team was excited to network with fellow partners and the Oracle team during the Global JD Edwards Partner summit in Broomfield, Colorado. Over 33 countries and 159 Oracle partners were represented during the 3-day-long summit in early February.  
The 3 keynote speeches, 8 super sessions and 114 breakout sessions presented attendees with information regarding the current state of JD Edwards and insight into the future of partner relations. Our colleagues left optimistic and invigorated to continue making a positive impact in the JD Edwards community. 
In case you missed it, our JD Edwards experts have compiled a list of the key takeaways during the Global JD Edwards Summit: 
Inform, Align, Succeed: This was the theme of Oracle JD Edwards SVP and General Manager Lyle Ekdahl’s JD Edward’s State of the Union address. With the continued development of global digital marketing, it is imperative that organizations improve data visualization, using smartphones and technology evolution. The modern workforce is always sharing, seeks immediate feedback and prefers mobile solutions. Ekdahl stressed aligning business objectives with these needs by offering differentiated solutions that leverage market buzz and protect maintenance revenue while increasing customer satisfaction and perceived service value.
In-Memory Computing: The most recent iteration offered by Oracle JD Edwards provides the user with the ability to make real-time decisions. In-Memory computing increases efficiency and performance while reducing complexity. Users are able to run applications much faster in this environment, delivering immediate availability of real-time data. 
Mobile Services: Oracle has dramatically increased the number of JD Edwards mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. In many instances, Oracle is offering partners the source code to encourage innovation. The Mobile Application Archives (MAA’s) and framework enable motivated partners and users to simplify, customize and extend the use of mobile apps. For example, users can submit an expense report from an iPad application through JD Edwards.  Currently JD Edwards offers 81 apps and counting. The future promises even more with better functionality. 
Critical Security Patching:  Oracle is mindful of the myriad of major companies, such as Verizon, Adobe, Sony and Target, that have been hacked in recent years. Thus, JD Edwards is focused on preventively hacking their own software to improve overall service. However, it is important for customers to stay current in order to get any new holes plugged. Oracle encourages partners and consultants to discuss with customers to be sure they are able to receive the most recent updates and stay current with the most recent application versions.
User Interface Enhancements: Oracle has come up with a new way to build custom UI for non-JDE users. There has been a major focus on improving the JD Edwards interface for E1 Tools and mobile applications.
The ‘Internet of Things’: As you probably already know, this has been a hot topic for quite some time now.  Our Senior Vice President of Global Services wrote a great piece on Staffing Your Business for Today’s Internet of Things.  This concept has become increasingly prevalent in the way we interact with each other and our environment. Utilizing the Internet of Things, Partners can take the weight off transactions, assist with the maintenance of assets and create innovative solutions. 
Interested in learning how you can leverage the newest JD Edwards innovations and solutions? If you are a customer, please reach out to your Customer Program Manager. Not a Velocity customer? You may reach us through our  online form. Our colleagues are passionate about staying up to date on the latest Oracle developments and we’re happy to share additional insights.