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Just-In-Time Optimization: Leveraging Infor M3 Expertise for Differentiation

According to a recent survey from the National Association of Manufacturers, 64.6 percent of manufacturers cited rising raw material costs as a primary challenge, making it third on the list after workforce issues and health care costs.

All manufacturing, especially those with ‘make-to-order’ or ‘just-in-time’ production models, require that raw materials, tools and capacity are available for production in order for planned manufacturing orders to be released. With the right visibility in manufacturing applications such as Infor M3, planning departments can optimize resources and check material availability while the production department performs the operations on the manufacturing order.

Some organizations, like J&B Group, require innovative, customized settings to maintain their competitive advantage with a ‘make-to-order’ manufacturing model. Read below and find out how J&B leveraged Velocity’s professional services to improve efficiency for one of their largest “just in time” manufacturing lines.


J&B Group, a wholesale distributor for a variety of meat, poultry, seafood and deli food products in the MidWest, differentiates itself with its ‘Just in Time’ ground beef business.  Delivering 180k pounds of ground beef daily within a 24-28 hour turnaround, the I.T. team realized that a modification to the Infor M3 PMS170 planning screen was required to meet the time sensitive nature of their ‘make to order’ line of business.

The core Infor M3 application did not offer the ability for J&B to view the PMS170 planning screen by customer and by attributes (production/packaging line, meat block, plate number), nor did it provide additional views of planned orders and release dates. They reached out to Velocity as their managed services provider for assistance.

Velocity’s M3 professional services team developed a system modification for PMS170 that added additional filtering capabilities by user-defined fields and customers, subtotals by finished good line, as well as the ability to select make orders for mass reschedule by executing an updated API with finish date selected by the planner.

“We needed greater visibility to improve the efficiency of our ‘just in time’ ground beef manufacturing line,” says Kathleen Munson, Application Development Manager. “Velocity listened to what we needed to accomplish and made it happen. Within three weeks, they developed a prototype solution in our dev environment that would eventually allow us to maintain our competitive advantage and fulfill orders faster.”

Digging deeper into their Infor M3 application functionality and improving processes, J&B is able to maintain one of their competitive advantages in the market as well react to customer demands and market trends faster and more efficiently.  Partnering with a trusted managed services provider offers J&B on-demand application and industry expertise so they can focus on their ‘Just in Time’ business today, while Velocity helps prepare them for the future.

“Velocity offers our team a set of best practices, not just the authority of one,” says Zach Knaus, Technical Services Manager. “Velocity’s expertise of M3, knowledge of the manufacturing industry, and the reliability of their support team is a gamechanger.”

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