If You Started A Business, Would You Build IT Again?

What if you formed a new company…

Talking to CIO’s and other business executives, one often hears the statement “If we had a green field we would have not built IT the same way…” The statement presents an interesting theory that is not all theory. In other words, if a company would start completely from scratch would they do the same things that they did before when they built a systems environment and an IT staff? The answer is almost certainly NO.

Good companies build world class products or offer world class customer experiences. They are typically not known for running a great IT department. Good companies focus on their core business and do it well.

If that is the desired outcome why wouldn’t companies strive to get to the ideal state, ideally without great investment? The answer is: They should! Years ago, companies had their own landscaping, ran their own vehicle fleet, had large tax departments, or had their own technicians.

Today, many of these functions are outsourced to other firms. Why wouldn’t you do the same with IT? Many CIO’s are already doing that for many systems like peripheral systems, or non mission critical systems, but have often not tackled their core systems.

The emerging cloud offerings offer companies today to port their mission critical systems into the cloud. Data security is figured out, new required software is often offered as a SaaS, subscription based solution, infrastructure is mature, service offerings around systems and process support do exist.

The trick is to get started and not to spend too much money. Whether you do the transformation yourself or engage a service partner for this strategic initiative, the time to put yourself on a roadmap to get the ideal state is now. Get started!