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Webinar: 10 Ways To Keep Infor CloudSuite A Perfect 10


Making the most of your Infor investment has never been more important. With the world of business changing so rapidly, how can you best manage your Infor applications now, while preparing for whatever's next?

Join us for our "10 Ways to Keep Infor CloudSuite a Perfect 10" webinar to learn the top things you can do right now to ensure your Infor applications can keep up with the pace of business—and life. 

From the frontlines talking to Infor customers every single day, our webinar speakers Vickie LeRoux (Velocity's Senior Vice President of Infor) and Al Calabrese (Velocity's Director of Infor) have spent years gathering a checklist of actions and considerations that will keep your Infor applications perfect now and into the future. 

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