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Webinar: How to Maximize Your Investment in the Public Cloud

December 9, 2020

Velocity recently launched three new cloud services offerings: Cloud Managed InfrastructureCloud Managed Database, and Cloud Disaster Recovery.

These offerings were developed with one major goal in mind: to maximize your investment in migrating core business applications to the public cloud.

That all sounds good in theory, but you probably still have a lot of questions. What do these offerings include? How do they work? What business outcomes can you expect?

In our upcoming webinar, "How to Maximize Your Investment in the Public Cloud," we'll answer all of these questions—and more. 

You'll leave the webinar with a deeper understand of: 

  • How CMI, CMD, and CDR work.
  • What common challenges and obstacles these offerings solve.
  • What business benefits you can expect.
  • How businesses have already leveraged these offerings.

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