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Webinar: The Key Advantages of Oracle EBS 12.2 on OCI vs. Oracle SaaS

November 5 or December 3

With Oracle's release of the Continuous Innovation model, E-Business Suite customers who upgrade to 12.2 can now reap the benefits of ongoing applications and underlying technology stack enhancements—without the time and expense of a major release upgrade. 

So if you’re still running a version of EBS 12.1 or earlier on-premise, your first question should be this: How can I take full of advantage of the Continuous Innovation release model?

Short answer: Use your EBS 12.2 upgrade as a catalyst to move your infrastructure to the cloud. 

With the end-of-support deadline looming for EBS 12.1, now is the time for businesses to map out the best path to Continuous Innovation on EBS 12.2. For many, that means exploring whether a move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or a shift to Oracle SaaS Applications is the next best step.  

Our “Key Advantages of Oracle EBS 12.2 on OCI vs. Oracle SaaS” webinar breaks down the benefits of each, so you can feel confident in your next step toward Continuous Innovation. 



If you're an EBS user, you know you want to take advantage of the Continuous Innovation release model. But what's the best way to get there? In this webinar, our speakers Ryan Kerr (Velocity's Oracle EBS Cloud Director) and Syed Rehman (Velocity's Oracle Solution Engineering Director) will break down your options. You'll learn more about: 

  • How to take advantage of EBS' Continuous Innovation release model: What is Continuous Innovation and what are your options?
  • The benefits of EBS on OCI vs. on-premises: What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, how does it work with EBS, and what positive business outcomes can you expect? 
  • When to consider Oracle SaaS: When does it make sense for your business instead of EBS 12.2 on OCI?

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