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JDE Upgrade Blog Series: Get 20/20 Vision with One View Reporting


Management‐leadership teams and end users are demanding more, better, faster information and your team is struggling to keep up.

In 2018, 67% of the CEOs of Global 2000 enterprises will have Digital Transformation at the center of their corporate strategies. As the speed and complexity of digital business increases, IT resources are focused on monitoring all the moving parts — from business apps and processes to cloud services and mobility, to data warehouses, human capital management and beyond. At the same time, powerful new ERP solutions and analytics are generating a gold mine of data capable of improving every aspect of your business — if easily accessed and understood.


However, merely capturing data and creating spreadsheet‐based reports will not create the culture of data‐backed decision making that drives Digital Transformation success. Stakeholders from every discipline that your ERP system touches want information in a format that is accurate and easy to process and manipulate. They want Big Picture and drill down capabilities — and they don’t want to wait in a queue.


If enterprise stakeholders are telling you that they need more transparency and better access to information, then you may have reached an evolutionary milestone that demands a new approach.


But how do you translate massive and ever‐changing data sets into usable information? Do you try to get approval for another integration project using existing staff? Or find budget somewhere for an outsourced data specialist? These options may be viable, but at what cost to other strategic initiatives.



JDE One View Reporting

JD Edwards enhanced One View Reporting enables data‐driven decision making across your organization:

  • Empowers end users to design, create, run and share reports

  • Customized layouts using lists, charts, graphs and tables

  • Intuitive, user-friendly tools, (e.g. Watch List alerts) for every query, action, and report

  • Extensive library of reports cuts time‐to‐value in half

  • Reduces reporting time and costs across your organization


Reporting vs. Operational Intelligence

One View Reporting is designed to deliver customizable reports and visualizations, in your preferred format, on any departmental or operational data tracked in your JDE ERP system. And you can launch One View Reports in a single click from:

  • Navigator

  • Favorites/Carousel

  • E1 Pages

  • Fast Path

  • External applications


Use Case Examples:


Watchlists — provide alerts and updates with:

  • Built‐in, real‐time, “Manage by Exception” solution

  • Visual color indicators to indicate critical data points and warnings

  • ‘One click’ access to detail transactions

  • Personal or Shared Watchlists

Get instant updates on HR, Finance, Manufacturing and More:

  • Work orders scheduled today

  • Overdue PMs/pending approvals

  • Significant back orders

  • Batches in error

Layouts — Provide At‐A‐Glance Access to Details Like:

  • Manufacturing labor remaining by item and operation status

  • Amount due by supplier by payroll by business unit

  • Trial Balance by Subledger Type, Subledger and account

  • Order status by customer. Who are my top customers?

  • Budget to actual by cost code for a project

  • Break down of labor costs by cost code

  • Are employees ‘sick’ more often on Fridays?


Now when you upgrade, drill backlinks are included in out of box layouts, so you can drill down to your original transaction and across to contextual data.


One View Benefit Highlights

  • An end user solution

  • Reduce dependency on IT

  • Knowledge of JD Edwards data schema not required

  • Real Time with drill down to the transaction

  • Management by Exception tool

  • Built‐in solution supporting all modules

  • Minimal user training

  • Immediate ROI with extensive One View Content

Check out One View Report samples here.


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