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Running Oracle EPM in the Cloud

Running Oracle EPM in the Cloud

If you are an organization looking to stay current with software enhancements and patches while reducing infrastructure and administrative maintenance with minimal capital investment, cloud computing might be the way to go. In today’s innovative world you can have a fully self-service, or hybrid model, for your infrastructure, platform, and software.

Demand for cloud is projected to double, if not triple, its footprint over the next four years. And it’s easy to see why. With companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle, to name just a few, providing cloud services, the cost of moving to the cloud has never been more compelling. Add to that the value proposition of increased productivity, better security and you start to understand why many Fortune listed companies are exploring a move away from traditional on-premise servers and applications to cloud solutions. Still, with so many vendor and managed services options, which is the best for your business needs?

The Benefits of Oracle EPM in the Cloud

Oracle is a market leader when it comes to EPM applications in the cloud, driving performance, on-time reporting, as well as connecting the entire organization.

Since you do not need to install any hardware with an Oracle Cloud solution — and Oracle offers some pre-installed EPM applications that are ready for out-of-the-box set up and deployment -- you can run a leaner operation, discounting capex and infrastructure costs typically required when making this type of investment.  

Better still, for users already trained on Oracle’s EPM on-premise functionality, EPM Cloud offers on-the-go access featuring a familiar user experience, making for easy change management.

The remaining obstacle for management may reside with security of sensitive financial data. While the cloud has proven to be more secure than it has ever been before, you may want to assess the further protections that a third-party Managed Disaster Recovery (MDR) solution may offer.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

If you are running Oracle Hyperion Planning on-premise and are considering a cloud move, Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) might be an ideal choice.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is the first of Oracle’s EPM applications to be offered in the cloud and provides the following functionality:

  • Planning modules in Cloud: Capex and Workforce

  • Eliminating the EPMA and offering Classic application management

  • Better design around Business Rules and Calculation manager

  • Data integration using FDMEE

  • Application migration from on-premise to Oracle Cloud instance with Life Cycle Management (LCM)

  • Offering the same reporting and ad-hoc tools such as Financial Reporting and SmartView

With PBCS, organizations no longer need onsite hardware or software as Oracle provides the necessary elements within its cloud model. Organizations can eliminate the need for infrastructure allowing the business to respond rapidly to demand. With its user friendly web interface and consistent features of  Hyperion Planning the learning curve of PBCS  is accomplished with minimum training.

Hyperion Lift and Shift to the Cloud

If you are not quite ready to move away from Hyperion but you know that cloud is on your roadmap, a managed cloud solution can be an optimal fit. Benefit from core cloud differentiators such as:

  • Lower cost of ownership -- on average, Velocity customers save 35%+ over traditional deployment models

  • Increased flexibility --  No matter where you access your workloads, we create a solution that ensures your workloads are optimized to your needs

  • Reduced compliance risk -- our Hyperion cloud experts ensure you are always current and compliant with regulatory changes

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