Automating Your Accounts Payable Payment Process

Mark Zimmerman is Sr. Financial Consultant experienced with all applications in that suite and has been with Velocity for over 15 years.  Michael G is a Sr. Technical Consultant focusing on 4GL and scripting and has been with Velocity for over 15 years.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you have to go through all of those Infor forms to complete your payment processing;  All of the AP150’s, AP155’s, etc.?  Are you tired of calling each one up, changing parameters, submitting the job and then waiting for it to finish?  What about the manual movement of files from your system to the banks?  How is this affecting your AP and auditing controls?

What if Velocity had an offering that could automate the whole Accounts Payable Payment process for you?  A process that is specific to and based on your requirements?

Well, such an offering does exist. Velocity is proud to introduce Automated Payment Processing for Payables.  This offering is unique to each customer, following your own internal policies and procedures.  The utility allows you to take multiple jobs down to one job that you can submit as often as necessary to collect and process all of your payments without having to submit each job independently.

This is not Infor’s Job Streaming, but a custom scripted process that handles the various job parameters and job submission process for you.  Not only does this job manage the parameters and job submission, it also archives the information and FTP’s the necessary files to the appropriate authority without intervention.

Users can run this as often as necessary in report mode until the final approval has come through at which time they submit the job for final processing. The utility manages your AP150, AP155, AP160, AP161, AP170 and CB170 processing.

Imagine the time and energy saved by running a single job rather than running each job individually.  Using Automated Processing for Payables will make it easier for others with appropriate security, but perhaps less knowledge of the process, to fill in for someone that would normally run this process.

If you think you would be interested in learning more about this offering, please contact your Customer Program Manager (CPM) or Customer Account Executive (CAE) . Not a Velocity Customer? Contact Us.