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8 Innovations of Kronos Workforce Central 8

With the debut of Workforce Central 8, Kronos has reimagined the user experience, bringing functional changes and tools to the forefront across industries. Among the multitude of enhancements and time savers are eight users will appreciate most:

  • Java Lite - One of the most compelling reasons to move to Workforce Central 8 is its shift from a Java-heavy reliance to a new HTML5 and Adobe Flash-based system, which will result in a performance increase. While some setup pages will still require Java, Kronos plans to eliminate this condition from the system by year’s end as it phases out Java pages through the release of new service packs. The strategic move reduces the need for IT staffs to manage a specific compatible release of Java on the desktop. Users will note the more workflow focused Navigator view is now their only option, moving away from the “Classic” view option.

  • User Experience – The new version of Workforce incorporates the ability to add employee photos for better recognition when viewing employees within the application. New genies have also been implemented to help users easily group, filter, and summarize data

  • Enhanced Timecard Capabilities - Workforce Central 8 has added the ability for the Manager Timecard to be end-user configurable and printable. Many of the old screens have been replaced by HTML5 for increased performance and functionality. The HTML5 pages add buttons to the timecard for commonly used tasks. The new “audit” feature allows employees and managers to view past comments, notes, edits, sign-offs, or approvals

  • Mobile - New features include offline punching, geosensing and geofencing capabilities, the option to edit hourly time cards remotely. Project time cards are now also able to be viewed and edited

  • Enterprise Archive - This feature allows companies to keep current production data and archive less important historical data. The archiving process does not completely remove the ability to access the data; however, users may still access the archived data from within the application

  • Scheduling - When approving time-off requests in Workforce Central 8, managers will now have the ability to decide if they want to create open shifts for the time-off request date in the new Open Shifts module

  • Fatigue Management - New scheduling rules that have been added allow companies to minimize safety threats and compliance risk. There is now the ability to set minimum intervals between shifts, set maximum hours scheduled in a period, and alert managers when an employee is approaching one of the aforementioned rules

  • Leaderboards - Allows companies to set goals or challenge employees, managers, or teams for positive job performance or for complying with an organization’s time and attendance requirements

Post Script

Like with any new release, early adoption is not for everyone.

Some considerations: If you are using an Apple device, you will not be able to access the new Navigator View due to the Adobe Flash requirement. Mobile devices will be limited to using the Kronos mobile apps.

Upgrading With Velocity

Velocity’s new v3 Cloud architecture allows customers to take full advantage of the latest technologies to ensure top performance, security protection and scalability. Additionally, the new v3 architecture will move to Linux which is the platform Infor develops on now and is the backbone for the their new Xi product.  

Key benefits of our v3 Architecture include:

  • Additional security and application instance isolation

  • Additional resiliency

  • Improved monitoring and management

  • Tiered storage including solid state drives for performance

Velocity provides Kronos implementation services for the full-line of Kronos applications.  Contact your Customer Program Manager or local Sales Account Executive for details.

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