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4 Benefits of Managed Application Services

Your business has successfully migrated its applications to the cloud, however, you might experience platform management challenges: ranging from lacking the resources needed to oversee application operations, to juggling maintenance tasks that distract from growing your business.

One solution to addressing those issues is partnering with a cloud provider that offers managed application services (MAS) designed to reduce the stress of application management and provide companies with the tools and guidance needed for simplifying their infrastructure oversight.

1. Mitigate Risk

Outsourcing application management shifts the burden of operational risk off the company and on to the provider, who likely has more industry knowledge and is more accustomed to addressing challenges related to application downtime and malicious attacks. Those providers provide tools and offer recommendations tailored to strengthen your unique setup.

As technologies change and evolve, your company can become exposed to new attacks. Partnering with a knowledgeable MAS partner can better protect your application infrastructure by identifying where vulnerabilities exist within your platform and providing guidance on how to best increase security.

2. Eliminate In-house Burden

Dedicating large amounts of internal IT resources to application surveillance can hinder overall business growth. A cloud partner takes ownership of application management and helps mitigate the burden of shifting in-house resources, which allows staff to focus on achieving strategic objectives.

A company’s IT team can lack the time and resources to find skilled talent, and if they do, it can become difficult to reduce turnover and retain those staff members. MAS partners can act as extensions to your internal acquisition team to find the best workers to fill skill gaps.

Working with a cloud partner also increases productivity and allows your team to concentrate on strategy and implementation, not on monitoring infrastructure issues. By offering round-the-clock technical support, service providers free up staff members so they can focus on innovating.

3. Ensure Industry Compliance

Operating within the cloud brings security concerns, especially for companies handling sensitive information, or for companies in highly-regulated industries. Cloud partners are familiar with industry standards and help clients achieve compliance by optimizing and updating existing protections, tailored for their unique setup.

As security standards continue to evolve, a third-party application management partner works to ensure its customers remain up-to-date on regulations. Since those providers must gain government approval and meet strict security protocols, they are well-versed in identifying and addressing incorrect setups and recommending policies to tighten overall security in a fraction of the time it would take companies.

4. Expert Insights

MAS partners have years of industry expertise which they can leverage to promote the success of your business by providing the expertise and tools needed to overcome application roadblocks. They can provide organizations with powerful insights by analyzing their application infrastructure and determining how it operates and if any optimizations need to be made.

Application management providers can survey emerging technology trends and keep your business updated on the latest tools that can help your company reach its strategic objectives. Enlisting the help of a MAS provider also gives your company access to specific support skills that would otherwise be expensive and inefficient for companies to train their staff members on.

Managing applications internally can put your resources and staff to the test, however, partnering with a MAS provider can give your company the assistance it needs to align its resources and energy towards key business initiatives. Consider seeking out a cloud provider and experience how managed application services can increase your company’s productivity.




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