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3 Tips to Successfully Execute a PeopleSoft Migration to the Cloud

Migrating a PeopleSoft solution to the cloud can be a costly, time-consuming, and complicated process, requiring specialized skills and certified resources to execute correctly. However, leveraging a cloud infrastructure with PeopleSoft offers organizations immediate benefits such as running your applications with high levels of performance and availability, while providing the agility and economy of scale of the public cloud. If you’re looking to migrate your PeopleSoft applications to the cloud, here are three tips to ensure a successful experience:

Automate Migration Tasks

In an article by Accenture, the author states of the biggest limitations companies face when migrating to the cloud is the lack of enough resources to accommodate all the tasks required in the migration process.1 In this instance, one way around this obstacle is enabling the automation of these tasks.

With automated migration capabilities, organizations can access your PeopleSoft applications on OCI within weeks, rather than months, further reducing concerns over lifting and shifting PeopleSoft to the cloud. Leveraging the automation migration features of a cloud application management platform, such as Velocity Technology Solutions’ VCAMP, enables a risk-mitigating approach to move the current PeopleSoft environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or AWS.

Integrate Analytics Capabilities

According to Forbes, the use of analytics in business is widespread, with 59% of enterprises using them in some capacity to optimize business processes and procedures.2 In a survey by Deloitte, resources uncovered that nearly half of the respondents believe that the most significant benefit of using analytics is its role in enabling better decision-making.3

A benefit of utilizing the cloud is unlocking the ability to make data-backed decisions for your organization with best-in-class analytics and intuitive dashboards. Integrating an analytics platform, such as Velocity Zoom, provides organizations with actionable metrics key to running your processes, workforce, applications, and systems.

Utilize a Cloud Services Provider

When migrating PeopleSoft applications to the cloud, there are a variety of paths an organization can take. With so many factors such as automation, industry regulations, compliance concerns, and security protocols to consider, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the migration process, especially if an organization lacks the in-house expertise to execute correctly. 

Partnering with a Cloud Services Provider provides organizations with the technical and functional expertise needed to develop and implement a technology-agnostic approach to enable your unique migration journey to the cloud. Backed by years of experience, the right Cloud Services Provider will have repeatable processes and tools to help preserve your current PeopleSoft investments in customizations and enhancements. As an added benefit, the partnership doesn’t need to end when the migration is complete. Many Cloud Services Providers offer managed services, meaning they will leverage their expertise to effectively manage applications month-to-month. 

Moving your PeopleSoft environment from a traditional datacenter into a third-party private or public cloud is a good option for users who want the benefits of cloud computing without giving up the mature functionality and customizations of their PeopleSoft applications. Executing a successful migration doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right partnership, organizations will be well on their way to effectively utilizing the cloud to better align with their business needs.

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