Outpace the Competition in 2017 with These 3 Tactics

With the turning of the calendar to a new year, I always find it interesting to read business predictions at this time of the year.  The forecasting in Entrepreneur Magazine caught my attention, in particular.

Here are the four trends that stood out:

    1. Data is the key to productivity. The world revolves around data. Whether we use it in an app to find the closest coffee shop to get our morning fix or whether it empowers the hospital system that treats us when we are sick, data is key to running systems at their optimal performance. What if data were expanded to analyzing not just how are systems are operating but how they are achieving targets as it pertains to the needs of the business? What if data could tell you which employees are top performers and which need not only additional training, but on which specific modules? What if data could reduce the numbers of transactional errors? It can. And we know how to harness its power.

  1. Automation enables seamless integrations. Your goal when you embark on a new system implementation, migration, upgrade or project is to minimally disrupt your business. Automation is essential to keeping your organization on track to meet key performance indicators while making any sort of change. Not only can automation reduce provisioning times from months to minutes, application install times to hours -- it also shrinks defect time to near zero. The key to keeping your automation running smoothly is a strategic and trusted advisor by your side.

  1. Specialized application expertise. Is your team ready to handle the strategic initiatives you have on your agenda for 2017? A recent Gartner report finds that 42% of CIOs do not and as a result, 70% of them will change their staffing mix in order to realize more value. If your resources are scrambling to “keep the lights on,” consider bringing in a trusted partner who will focus on minding your IT, so you can get back to what is most important -- innovation.

  1. It all starts with the Customer experience. The customer journey has never been more important. In this age of user experience design, we count on the customer to both tell us what they need and how they expect to use the product. Innovation is built on layers of internal and external exploration driven by customer input. No longer is the customer at arm’s length and no longer is the service provider an order taker.

These predictions are especially close to my heart, as Senior Vice President of Infor and Healthcare at Velocity. While we are hardly a startup (I’ve been here since 2000), we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit.  

At Velocity, our relationships with our customers come first. At a time when many organizations can’t afford to, we insist on having a high-touch and accessible support team available 24x7. Our focus on deep application expertise covers both ‘how-to’ operational needs as well as enables rapid deployment of full application functionality so your organization can maximize its investment.

I am  excited for the year ahead.

If you work with us today, challenge us to solve your business process challenges.  

If you do not work with us today, let’s connect about how our managed application and cloud services can help you outpace your competition.


Meet Chance Veasey, Senior Vice President, Infor & Healthcare Lines of Business

With 20+ years of experience, Chance aligns both the Velocity strategy and global Infor and Healthcare teams to the imperatives of CIOs in healthcare, manufacturing, and service industries to help them realize efficiencies and reach their business goals.

Prior to Velocity, Chance served as Vice President of Operations for netASPx and has held leadership roles within OLR, Navisite and Accenture. Chance holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point.