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3 Reasons to Use a Partner to Migrate Existing Applications to the Cloud

Cloud migration can be a significant undertaking. Even with knowledgeable staff in-house, factors such as company industry and size can uncover specialized nuances that lurk in every crevice of the cloud migration process. With the expertise of a third-party partner in your team, migrating existing applications to the cloud can yield benefits such as reduced costs, regulatory compliance, and optimized security.

Cuts Costs

Migrating to the cloud involves a significant financial investment, in addition to the staff-hours required to execute it. Without knowledgeable staff running the migration, it’s easy to designate dollars to the wrong objectives at the wrong moments in the process.

Using a third-party partner to manage the migration and management helps ensure budget requirements are met and efficiently allocated for a cost-effective transition. It also allows companies to maximize internal resources, by freeing up staff to focus on business objectives, while the experts manage the migration.

Ensures Compliance

Processes, procedures, security protocols, and applications must be compliant with industry regulations. Adding to the challenge, compliance requirements for how data should be managed in the cloud shifts, depending on a variety of factors.

A third-party partner has access to teams of experienced experts who are familiar with navigating compliance challenges within different industries. Engaging a partner is an easy way to make sure the company stays in alignment with industry requirements, removing the risk of negative repercussions from unintentional non-compliance.

Mitigate Security Risk

Regardless of industry, cloud security is a significant consideration when migrating existing applications to the cloud. Implementing a security strategy that accommodates the needs of the business is essential to a successful migration.

The cloud offers a plethora of security protocols to help companies protect their data when managed in the cloud. With a third-party partner involved, companies receive security strategies backed by the expert experience of its partner and tailored to the requirements of their business and industry.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of a partner to migrate existing applications to the cloud leads to a higher ROI and reduced internal burden. With a knowledgeable partner to guide through compliance and security challenges, companies can unlock the benefits of the cloud with confidence.

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