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3 Oracle E-Business Suite Challenges and How an MSP Can Help You Overcome Them

The challenges of implementing and optimizing Oracle E-Business Suite can be significantly relieved by engaging an expert Managed Services Provider.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a powerful tool for business intelligence, providing easily-integrated modules for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM). With a single source of truth, the Oracle EBS application improves transparency, collaboration, and data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

However, there are many challenges associated with implementing and managing Oracle EBS at an organization. Often, it can be difficult – and expensive - to optimize an organization’s EBS functionality using only internal resources; but a partner with Oracle expertise can be invaluable in solving these challenges both for high-level, long-term strategy as well as for day-to-day process management.

Challenges of Oracle EBS include:

1. High costs

In a recent survey of Oracle EBS users1, 63% listed cost optimization as their highest priority, and 46% said that the high cost of maintenance and support was their primary issue with the application.  Costs may be defrayed by a cloud migration – Nucleus Research2 found that the average cost of running Oracle on-premises was 2.1x the cost of running it in the cloud. However, post-migration, organizations find that the ongoing tasks of managing and optimizing cloud processes are more resource-intensive than expected, taking time and money away from core competencies and innovation.

A managed services provider can help with the initial cloud migration, ensuring a successful transfer on time and within budget.  But an MSP can also take on ongoing cloud management duties, controlling expenses and reducing waste.

2. Security

With data breaches and security failures on the rise, and the average cost3 to remediate a breach expected to pass $150 million in 2020, information security is a top priority for businesses in all industries. A company using the Oracle E-Business Suite gains value from the data generated by and stored in the network, but ensuring that sensitive data remains secure – identifying threats, resolving vulnerabilities, and maintaining security protocols – is both difficult and time-consuming.

A managed services provider can also take on security, ensuring that updates and patches are installed, that systems are monitored for threats and vulnerabilities, and that data remains secure.

3. Cleaning data

Preparing data for analysis can be the most time-consuming and tedious part of data analytics. It is also critical, to keep Oracle EBS solutions performing and efficient, to regularly separate active from inactive data and put data that is no longer used into storage.

An MSP with deep experience in Oracle EBS can be leveraged to take on data cleansing and data management activities, to ensure optimal system performance and ensure that data is accurate, useful and reliable.

Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the most powerful tools available for business intelligence, providing companies with integrated, enterprise-wide data that can be used to improve business outcomes. However, implementation, migration, and upgrades, not to mention day-to-day system management, present significant challenges to organizations. Enlisting a managed services partner with deep Oracle EBS experience can help an organization to successfully implement or migrate Oracle EBS to the cloud, as well as ongoing data management and performance optimization, to maximize the benefits of Oracle EBS.

Need a Helping Hand?

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