3 Must-Have Innovations in JD Edwards’ Just Released EnterpriseOne 9.2

Today’s fast-paced and hyper-connected world requires a new way of thinking for organizations who want to stay ahead. Businesses need applications that can address the transformational trends of our time, including:

  • Digitized Economy - The rapid growth and complexity of data
  • Modern Workforce - “Always on” capabilities that today’s workforce expects
  • Demand to Innovate - Anticipate changes and quickly innovate with new products and services

Innovate with JD Edwards 9.2

Tuesday’s announcement of the latest JD Edwards release underscores that these transformative realities are changing the way businesses operate and how they use technology. Central to the new version are the following focuses:

  • Transformation for the Digital Economyaddress the demands of the digital economy, which is already changing how industries, economies, and societies function. Innovative new JD Edwards solutions are facilitating SMART (Strategic, Mobile, Architected for Real-Time) change.
  • Industry Focus that Creates Competitive Advantage: a continued focus to invest in functionality that creates a competitive advantage for customers in our key focus industries and strategic products for the projects, consumer goods, and manufacturing and distribution industries.
  • Choice: It’s all about customization, personalization, extension and co-existence with other applications to support agile business solutions that respond to your unique business needs.

A Legacy of Firsts

Additionally, For JD Edwards users, adapting to these developments will require upgrading to the latest releases, including 9.2, which incorporates the latest tech trends offering relevant solutions and modules.

Mobile First

85 mobile JD Edwards applications are now available, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of remote and off-site workers.

Big Data

New Oracle Database 12c is certified to support in-memory applications

Internet of Things

With the previously released EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator, users can collect, filter, analyze and act on real time data as it is being transmitted by IoT devices.  

“Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are facing a rapidly changing business environment that demands a new set of capabilities to support continued growth, innovation, and success. We have introduced a range of innovations to help our customers stay ahead of the competition.” - Lyle Ekdahl, JD Edwards

Being an industry leader also requires the latest functional and technical application enhancements. JD Edwards users upgrading to the latest releases will receive:  

  • Updated “next generation” user interface
  • Mobile applications
  • Advanced end user query capabilities
  • Industry specific functionality
  • The latest performance and usability enhancements
  • Eligibility for the highest levels of product support

Innovate with the Cloud

Upgrading your JD Edwards applications is a perfect time to further innovate by taking advantage of next generation cloud solutions. The cloud provides a quick and easy way to implement business process changes, increase mobility and reduce costs.

By capitalizing on the timing of the upgrade to also move to the cloud, you can doubly benefit from your investment. The cost savings of partnering with experts to provide the software, hardware and technical staff you will need when you need them can cut up to 50% from your capital expenditures. Additionally, the cloud model provides operational and maintenance benefits that offset the costs of an on-premise solution.

Moving to the cloud with a third-party expert can also free your staff to focus on strategic IT initiatives rather than maintenance and upkeep. Many internal IT teams find they don’t have the specialized JD Edwards resources needed to handle an upgrade project, in addition to maintaining day to day operations.

Innovate with Velocity

With Velocity, you can move your JD Edwards applications to the cloud with minimal upfront costs, a predictable monthly fee and no cost for repairs, maintenance or additional capacity.

Velocity is the largest provider of JD Edwards Cloud Services, as well as implementation, technical and functional support and professional services. Nobody has been hosting JD Edwards longer and nobody does it better.

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Benefits of JD Edwards Cloud Hosting with Velocity:

  • Reduce Cost of Ownership by up to 50%
  • Follow the Sun 24/7/365 Support
  • Easy Management of Your JD Edwards Applications
  • Flexible support accommodates complementary products
  • Project management and technical resourcing for implementation, upgrades and enhancements

Velocity’s virtual private cloud has the infrastructure necessary to ensure a robust, scalable and secure environment for your Oracle JD Edwards Applications. We are the go-to JD Edwards partner for delivering the solutions your business needs on a solid foundation that allows you to grow and adapt.