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3 Manual Processes You Should Be Automating in Hyperion

Anil Ali is a Senior Hyperion Practice Leader for Hyperion Line of Business at Velocity. He has over 6+ years of expertise in Hyperion Essbase, Planning, FDM/FDMEE, Financial Reporting, and other EPM products. As part of Professional Service team at Velocity, he is responsible for new development and implementation of Hyperion EPM solution. 

Metadata, data load and reporting are 3 processes in Hyperion Essbase, Planning and HFM still manually completed by many businesses. By automating these 3 processes in Hyperion, your business could gain back 4-5 hours per day of Hyperion resource time and gain additional insight into day-to-day application use. 

Hyperion Processes to Automate 

Process 1: Metadata

By automating the metadata process, your business could save up to 1 hour per day, depending on the frequency at which your business must update metadata. Automating metadata creates a more scalable and streamlined process, while providing an audit trail that can be accessed for a history of metadata updates. 

The Manual Process:

In a manual metadata process, users must go into the Hyperion system and manually add any new members that are rejected during the load. For each entity change in the Hyperion system, there is one more manual process of updating the metadata to which the uploaded data is matched. 

The Automated Process:

There are 2 ways you can automate the metadata process in Hyperion:

  1. Automate Hyperion to run through a batch process that loads in the backend. A custom script can be developed to add new members and assign them to correct mapped parents that previously did not exist during the load. 

  2. The latest release of FDMEE from Oracle is another tool that can be used for automation. This tool is used to load from source to target data, so that you can import metadata into the target application. 

Process 2: Data Load

By automating the data load process, your business could save 3 or more hours a day. For example, if it takes 1 hour to perform this process manually and it is being run 3 times per day, your business could recover up to 3 hours a day and 2.5 days in a month by automating data load. Automation also prevents incorrect reporting through notifications of when the data load process begins and ends. Additionally, a customized report of any rejected data and the reasons why it was rejected can also be set up in Hyperion. 

The Manual Process:

In a manual data load, the source data is generated and stored via .txt or .csv that is then manually imported to the target application. This can result in incorrect reporting because there is no automated communication of when a data import is in process, allowing Hyperion users to pull data that is not fully updated. 

The Automated Process:

You can automate the data load process by using a customized role from the target application that can be run as frequently as several times per day if needed. You can use Hyperion to schedule tasks to run at your business’ desired frequency.  

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Process 3: Reporting 

Automating the Hyperion reporting enables additional transparency into the day-to-day use of your Hyperion application. It also allows specific reports to be distributed to specific roles within the organizations to enable better decision-making. Velocity can customize your reporting during a Hyperion implementation or as a separate engagement. 

The Manual Process:

Manual Hyperion reporting is either run through an Excel template or created through a Hyperion custom financial report. 

The Automated Process:

Hyperion reporting is automated by scheduling a task within Hyperion Financial Reporting to run and distribute specific reports to each role. This allows the correct report to go to each role or entity within your business.

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