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Behind the Scenes of Zoom Rehearse with Velocity Technology Solution’s Innovation Director Peter Yang

No matter what line of business or industry we serve, the Velocity Technology Solution delivery teams are always seeking feedback from our customers. When speaking with project managers and Quality Assurance teams who deal with application upgrades, migrations and patching, we hear the same pain come up time and again — testing is an arduous, manual and error-ridden process.

That’s because writing and validating functional and stress test scripts is an involved, drawn-out task that requires resources, time and buy-in from the business. Often times, you don’t know that you are missing application functionality or have errors until you hand over the application to business users. Chicken, meet egg.


Here is where the Velocity Innovation team saw an opportunity to intervene and harness the power of Velocity Zoom® to eliminate the manual labor associated with test case creation. What did the team come up with? We spoke with Peter Yang, Senior Director of Innovation and Development, to learn more about Zoom Rehearse, the cloud–speed ERP testing tool.


Q. How did you and your team come up with the idea for Zoom Rehearse?

A. The idea for Zoom Rehearse came about while we were trying to optimize the cumbersome process of validating ERP systems after upgrades and patches. We found that the strain that testing puts on employees was preventing organizations from implementing changes to their application and system. We knew there had to be a better way.

Our customer already had Velocity Zoom installed, and we realized we had a great opportunity to create a solution to not only to help with the validation process but to also create a tool that identifies actionable insights for project teams during upgrade efforts.  

Once we introduced the possibilities of Zoom Rehearse to our customers, it was exciting to incorporate their suggestions during the development phase to create a tool that can rapidly and efficiently help them test and identify issues during upgrades, patches or any system/application testing they perform.


Q. How does Zoom Rehearse make testing easier for our customers?

A. Unlike any other testing tools on the market, Zoom Rehearse reduces the test script generation process to a few clicks of the mouse. How do we do it? Partially, by eliminating the time-consuming process of conducting user interviews to discover the critical applications, identify test approach, and only then create test scripts.

Instead of only testing critical applications identified during a manual interview process, Zoom Rehearse tests 100% of the application utilized in production.

The reaction we get from our customers once they realize the power of Zoom Rehearse, and how it can optimize the testing process, is very rewarding. Further, our approach has saved customers 75% of the time it would traditionally take to adopt system or application changes.


Q. That sounds great! Are there particular roles who benefit from Zoom Rehearse?

A. Everyone! From the executive team to the functional and technical leads, all those involved win.

The executive sponsors for an upgrade project now have the confidence that the system has been thoroughly tested, and since they saved big on labor costs associated with traditional testing, it will be easier for executives to garner project support from the business.

Project managers also win since they can test many more initiatives without sacrificing expensive resources, disrupting the business, or putting systems at risk.

QA functions do not have to worry about misinterpreting, or mistranslating user implementation test plans as the interview process is eliminated.

And business users do not have to perform initial validations for applications missed during initial test plans, where technical resources in the past have had to interpret the information provided and implement test plans for applications they think are relevant.

Zoom Rehearse ensures 100% confidence in the applications and systems being handed over to business users.


Q. What can Velocity customers expect next from Velocity Zoom?

A.  As I mentioned at the top of this blog post, we love feedback from our project teams and customers. I’d love to keep getting it so we can continue to enhance Velocity Zoom.

Throughout 2018, we will continuously roll out updates to improve our customer experience, provide even more valuable analytics and insight about their ERP application, system, and users.

For Zoom Rehearse, we are working on implementing data validation testing on top of existing functional and stress testing capabilities. Imagine testing and validating payroll cycle, month-end processing, or benefit enrollments with just a few clicks!